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Hotel Kaminstube Luxemburger Str. Two technicians demonstrated the possibilities by working on a remanufactured engine being upgraded from an original Euro 0 to Euro 4.

Versatile hand-held testing tool Testing equipment was a major theme, both in concept form and as fully functioning items either for hand held use or as complete test bench.

TRW exhibited a remanufactured power steering rack that includes an integrated brushless motor, drive belt and ball nut assembly with pulley and bearing in a single unit.

The company adds that the integrated ECU, which sits alongside the. The remanufactured version uses a combination of remanufacturing processes developed in Europe, added to desiccant.

The InnovationLAB was an effective launch pad for the reman version and fleet operators look set to make significant savings in future as a result.

For us the ReMaTec show is a step in this process. China welcomes closer collaboration with Europe and the US in remanufacturing and recognises that we have a great deal to learn from Europe and America.

To meet the target for remanufacturing set out by our government we must acquire more knowledge of reman. Commission, explained the significant presence of Chinese engineers, business people and officials at ReMaTec Consisting of high-level officials, engineers, business people and politicians, the Chinese presence at the show was further evidenced by two major booths hosting a broad range of Chinese companies and associations.

In Hejian, approximately 20, people are involved in remanufacturing in one way or another and we want to increase that figure. A high level Chinese delegation with a total of 40 people visited ReMaTec Quality time for turbo businesses They talk about them in different ways but the issues that are trending in the turbo remanufacturing business right now are all about the quality of the end product.

That is one of the messages from the turbosegment at the ReMaTec show. The show demonstrated that the turbo reman market is booming and the latest big player to recognise the potential that awaits those willing to invest heavily in the sector, BorgWarner, is one such player with a quality product for new customers from the independent aftermarket.

He pointed out that a closer inspection of some low cost and poorly remanufactured turbos in the supply chain often reveals burring on the thrust bearings, uneven teeth and the use of screws that were obviously inadequate for the job.

With some earlier models you could get away without testing, but not with engines at Euro 5 or Euro 6 standard. They are a lot more sensitive to turbos that have not been calibrated.

Entry level testing machine Turbo Technics has responded by introducing its VTR , an entry-level testing machine that will achieve the level of testing at speeds sought by top quality remanufacturing specialists among the medium to high producers.

However, rival supplier Turbo Synthesis has responded to the issue by introducing its Benchflow , a test bench model specifically for those low volume turbo reman specialists said to be emerging from Eastern European countries.

Rise in reman low cost turbo products Among the issues contributing to a rise in low cost turbo reman product options is the trend to fit brand new core assembly units inside them.

Once an end user fitting one of these products starts to have problems, they approach companies like Turbo Technics for solutions.

Sadly, says general manager Steve Preest, the answer is often to install an entirely different unit. The remanufacturing culture that the use of such units has generated, is creating the biggest problems.

In theory the core was originally tested and balanced, but on a variable geometry turbo, once they have been put back together, they are not.

Vincent Facchini at Polish remanufacturer TurboTec says that while in markets like Romania the main issue will always be about price, in markets like Germany it will always be about quality.

Daniel Swerzy, Inter-Turbo Future focus Daniel Swerzy at Polish rival Inter-Turbo agrees, adding that the premium quality product market could well be the market to focus on in the future for smaller companies like his, where business is so good that a new 12, sq metre production facility has just been added to production capacity.

So, the turbo reman market booms on the back of tougher emissions laws and engine downsizing trends, but a new low cost production culture appears to be compromising quality.

Test equipment manufacturers are finding solutions that might address some of these production issues but if the trend towards premium quality continues, it could play into the hands of those big OE players as they begin to dip their toes into the water.

Knorr-Bremse brakes cover on policy A place inside the InnovationLAB see page 20 rewarded Knorr-Bremse for more than just its achievement in developing a remanufactured version of the EAC1 unit that it first developed for OE fit over ten years ago.

After over 60 years of remanufacturing experience, the company has now assembled a remanufacturing hit squad based at its Liberec plant in the Czech Republic.

It will act as the driving force for remanufacturing standards and quality for the foreseeable future.

It will coordinate different stages of the remanufacturing processes previously handled by different business units.

He buys into the argument that remanufacturers. We know the specifications. We understand which tolerances and tests are essential in order to guarantee the reliability of any safety critical parts.

At launch, the range of available part numbers consisted of 20 from Bendix, but drawn from other manufacturers. The Knorr-Bremse reman product range is currently restricted to products that it supplies as OE.

To date, that comprises well over. First time image boost for Rufre Diesel injection specialist Rufre is attempting to adjust its international sales image and chose the ReMaTec show as the place to instigate some perceptual changes: It says it intends to increase its manufacturing capacity, but the company remains coy about its immediate plans.

The company, which employs over 50 people at its Llieda remanufacturing plant on the west coast of Catalonia, has OE partnerships with the major OE diesel injection brands and has distribution outlets in more than 90 countries around the world.

Reviving military hardware One exhibit from Meritor demonstrated the extent to which badly damaged personnel carriers for military operations may be salvaged through remanufacturing.

DPF opportunities over new horizons Ceramex is on the hunt for partners in a bid to set up an international network of specialist Diesel Particulate Filter remanufacturers for the passenger car market.

The heavy duty market for reman DPFs is mainly centred on the OE market because DPFs are replaced at least once inside the warranty period due to the high mileages involved.

By the time DPFs in car engines become clogged, the cars are already in the aftermarket, so now the UK based. Operations supervisor Mike Ansell says an ideal start-up partner is any local remanufacturer in any country with an understanding of the market and access to networks of garages and parts distributors.

Latest release is big hit for cold spray Engine and parts remanufacturers could soon be beating a path to the door of Dycomet Europe after the Netherlands-based cold spray technology company from Akkrum announced a new high pressure machine for use with tough stainless steel, titanium, inconel and other metal alloys.

Cold spray technology is a way of repairing the metal surface without recourse to heat. A low pressure system is already available for repairing softer metal surfaces made of copper, zinc and aluminium, for example, but the high pressure systems will prove very attractive for use on high value parts made of tougher metals such as turbine blades and cylinder decks.

Between June, ReMaTec would encourage some to acquire new knowledge, provide business opportunities for others and deliver massive implications for many more.

Here is our pictorial report. Looking for new electronics ventures Parts specialists in the truck and bus industry keen to get into the electronic or electro mechanical side of the remanufacturing business could benefit from a new initiative from Voith Turbo.

Schneider headed up the stand of the huge German manufacturer at ReMaTec, the first time the company has exhibited at the trade show. It has business interests in over 80 countries worldwide but its automotive transport expertise lies largely in drive systems products.

The product range extends to OE Turbo retarder clutches, automatic transmissions, air compressors, and torsional vibration dampers for trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles.

More opportunities for reman specialists Schneider says that as more and more components on commercial vehicles include a combination of electronic and mechanical components, opportunities are emerging for remanufacturing specialists in these areas and the company is well placed to help them step up to meet new challenges in the future: Set on remanexpansion The Voith Turbo remanufacturing business, which also includes the remanufacture of ECUs for many of its own systems, was developed to support its OE exchange programme.

This move appears intent on opening up new remanufacturing sales markets in the independent aftermarket. The company hopes to pass on its expertise in.

Widely recognised as one of the most important networking platforms in the industry, the show offers a one-stop-shop for the US automotive remanufacturing industry.

New entrance policy Early decision makers can benefit from preferred rates with the newly introduced Early Bird offer, the organisers say.

In addition, exhibiting companies have the opportunity to invite their business contacts by allowing them a free Expo Only pass, if customers register prior to September 15, This allows for a complete week of customer and exhibitor interaction, networking, buying and selling from reman to distributor to retail.

The two days offer extended opening hours. Focusing on automotive remanufacturing, the show is due to attract exhibitors who will occupy 50, sq ft of exhibition space, making.

He became president when Meritor sold the company last year, but has been with the company for 25 years. The move followed a previously announced plan to increase remanufactured product availability across Canada to decrease delivery times.

Mascot currently remanufactures Class manual transmissions, differentials and steering gears. The company also repairs driveshafts.

Meritor had provided Mascot with many shared services in areas like accounting and sales and Mascot was co-located in Meritor facilities.

We have put a sales team together with West Coast and East Coast representation on both sides of the border. Mascot now uses 3PLs as pick and pack warehouses.

Mascot relies on its network of 27 distribution centres to meet its goal of getting the part in the hands of the customer in 24 hours.

Statham says that in closing its branch locations and moving to 3PLs it traded infrastructure costs for additional inventory. And while Mascot has added capacity, Statham says there is no plan to expand the product line.

Serving the market Statham says his team is hard at work analysing what are the top Class models in the current truck population. Mascot is also focusing on improving its customer service operation.

We help them identify the part by a casting number or some other means to make sure they get the right part quickly. Move in will begin in September and will be completed in October.

Certainly not in the near term. I really believe in it. Part one of the strategy emerged on 1 July, when the brand introduced a 25 part number range of remanufactured BorgWarner turbochargers directly targeted at the aftermarket.

From 1 September, another 25 part numbers will be released. It was clear to all that when an OE manufacturer hires someone with this much experience of the aftermarket and the remanufacturing business - and gives them the title of Vice President and General Manager Global Aftermarket Turbo Systems, something significant is going to take place.

Now we know a little more about what and when. We also know a little bit more about the size of the task and the strategy involved.

Next level The aftermarket is not entirely a new experience for BorgWarner. Although Michael Boe says the OE side has bought into the remanufacturing approach, there is a lot of convincing and sharing of information to be done yet.

In remanufacturing, efficiency is the no. There has to be a change of attitude. It was already producing around , heavy duty and passenger car remanufactured units each year for the OES, from locations that.

Michael Boe says this is a fraction of what the company could achieve if it was openly targeting the aftermarket with an all-makes remanufactured product range.

However, he is aware that the transition will not be easy. These are product development, distribution and operations - in terms of warehousing, locations and remanufacturing facilities.

In some of those areas we will have to build a stronger platform. He is not specific, although he rules out the notion of licensing of any kind.

BorgWarner has six business units in all, so having moved into all-makes remanufacturing on the turbo side, only a fool would expect the company to stop there.

Michael Boe will not be drawn, but he agrees there is some sense in taking a close look at some of the products adjacent to the turbocharger product line.

For example, in the emissions division, BorgWarner produces EGR valves as well as thermostats and other cooling products.

Remanufacturing specialists in areas like those ought to take note. Liebherr — finding gold in remanufacturing In an assembly hall on the outskirts of Colmar, a pretty eastern French town better known for its architectural charms than for its hightech facilities, a huge excavator is nearing completion.

One day soon, the huge R hydraulic excavator will operate at an open cast gold, iron ore, copper or coal mine on the other side of the globe.

When a customer pays up to some million of euros for a piece of equipment, the issue of extending life cycles becomes a crucial factor.

Indeed, it may constitute the difference between a sale and no sale. Through an extensive remanufacturing process, the working life of machines, like the R can be extended by a factor of two or three.

Considering the initial cost, this represents considerable sums - even for the largest mining operators.

The Liebherr group manufactures construction machinery as well as operating in a number of other global industries, including earth moving, mining, mobile cranes, tower cranes, concrete technology, maritime cranes, automation systems, aerospace and transportation systems, domestic appliance and hotels.

The company has 11 product divisions and employs a workforce of 41, Part of the reason is that Liebherr, in line with other advanced manufacturers, is now including designs for reman, at the early stages of the development of a new product.

Over the past 12 months, new facilities have opened in Australia and South Africa, with more openings planned in North America, Russia and China in the coming year.

Mining is one of many divisions in the Liebherr Group that sees remanufacturing as a key part of its overall customer service strategy.

Liebherr develops and manufactures eight different hydraulic excavator models available with bucket capacities from 7 to USA develops and manufactures diesel-electric mining trucks designed to handle payloads of up to tonnes.

Rebuilding an established brand After several years of decline Wilson Auto Electric, the renowned North American manufacturer and remanufacturer of alternators, starters, generators and electrical components, sees light at the end of the tunnel.

Having been taken over by Alabamabased BBB Industries some years ago, BBB are now embarking on a comprehensive expansion programme to build on the strength of the Wilson brand.

Once completed, the company is confident that the 75 year-old business will have returned to its former glory. The turn-around includes a strong push into European markets which Wilson believes is ready for the combination of experience, quality and customer service, that the company claims it offers its customers.

Melett - Quality you can trust Engineering expertise allows us to deliver consistent manufacturing to exacting standards. Moreover, a complete online system is under construction that will enable Wilson to supply customers across the continent at the shortest possible notice.

At the same time, Wilson says it is investing heavily to guarantee stock availability. US Senate passes historic reman bill After several months of preparation, the US senate last month unanimously approved the most important piece of reman-related legislation so far: This is not expected to present serious opposition, observers believe.

In the House of Representatives the similar bill is also promoted by representatives from both parties, Republican Congressman Bill Huizenga and the Democrat Brad Ashford from Nebraska.

The legislation follows a report by the Government Accountability Office GAO which confirmed the benefits of remanufactured motor vehicle parts.

The Federal Government has over , vehicles in its fleet and spends. It starts with Hastings having an on-site dedicated piston ring foundry.

We utilize our on-site foundry and shell molding process to cast iron with properties beneficial to installation and wear.

At the same time, our foundry gives us control of the entire process, helps us maintain high-volume flow rates, and minimizes cost, enabling us to offer a high quality product at an unbeatable value.

Reman legislation advances in U. The legislation which requires federal agencies to encourage the use of remanufactured parts will next be considered by the full House.

This means that the legislation now has a very strong chance to become law. The GAO report also confirmed that the use of remanufactured parts can save up to 20 per cent in costs.

According to the U. Commission, remanufacturing of motor vehicle parts creates over 30, full time jobs in the US, while remanufacturing of off-road equipment creates over 20, additional jobs.

Over 15, individual part numbers are listed in our most comprehensive electronic cataloguing and online ordering system available in the industry.

All of Wilson products undergo extensive quality control measures and meet or exceed O. Important though reman is, any change to remanufacturing operations will probably have to wait until the full picture has emerged.

ZF has, on several occasions, demonstrated its commitment to remanufacturing and sustainability and TRW is a long-term operator of remanufacturing plants, in particular in Frydlant in the Czech Republic.

We are all very excited about our plans for the future, with the combination allowing us to capitalise on strategic opportunities and create near and longterm sustainable value for our customers and employees.

Its products and services comprise a wide range of automotive technologies, ranging from driver assistance and occupant safety systems, to drivelines and transmissions and braking and steering systems.

Belgian steering specialist moves into the German market ERA Benelux, the Belgian supplier of remanufactured aircon compressors, steering pumps, drive shafts, brake calipers and more, has announced the opening of ERA Deutschland, a new subsidiary serving the German market.

The green parameter in the equation is starting to add some weight to it. Investing in health and safety High class remanufacturing is not solely about product quality.

Both, of course, come at a price. The notes were then compiled into a document listing high thresholds, sharp edges, broken shelves in the stock room and heavy items with a risk of falls.

As long as there is no immediate risk of injury, solutions to complex work environment issues must be allowed some time to mature.

While we have been spared serious incidents in the past, we feel that we have. Looks may change, but the message has always been the same.

Since , Cummins has proven the dependability of its products. You own the best engine. Keep it running for years to come by using only the best parts.

Choosing Genuine Cummins parts means less downtime, lower operating costs and better engine performance. For more information on Genuine Cummins parts available for your Cummins engine, contact our Customer Assistance Center today.

Arrowhead Electrical Products, Inc. The Basel Convention, which entered into force in , is a comprehensive international environmental agreement, that was designed to reduce movements of hazardous waste between nations and to ensure their environmentally sound management.

The classification of such used equipment as waste, would have a considerable impact on the repair and remanufacturing.

In many cases, core has to be collected and transported across borders. This has avoided a disadvantage for the remanufacturing industry and hence ensured future transboundary transportation of used equipment.

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on circular economy, which started on the 28th May and will last until the 20th August The European Commission is aiming to present a new, more ambitious circular economy strategy in late , in order to transform Europe into a more competitive, resource-efficient economy, addressing a range of economic sectors, including waste.

The understanding of the politicians is that a successful transition towards a circular economy requires action at all stages of the value chain: The aim is to look beyond waste and to close the loop of the circular economy.

Input from stakeholders and the public will be a key factor in the preparation of this work. The objective of this public consultation is to help the Commission to pinpoint and define the main barriers for the development of a more circular economy and to discover which measures could be taken at EU level to overcome such barriers.

Kestutis Sadauskas, Director Environment Directorate-General at the European Commission, explained that the new circular economy package was due to be tabled in October at the earliest but, in any case, in He stressed that the Commission remains very focused on waste and that will not disappear.

The Commission would also be looking seriously at the issue of waste prevention. This was not an area that has been sufficiently addressed in the past.

Manufacturing including remanufacturing are the sectors where DG Environment is expecting much progress to be made.

The Commission is currently in listening mode. APRA is actively supporting the interests of the world wide remanufacturing industry.

Following a review of its structure by an external consultancy, the confederation has decided to adopt the name Traxio as the brand for its future activities.

The name change brings a new logo, which retains the. The old and new logo will co-exist during a time of transition. About Traxio Traxio represents the interests of five automotive sectors:.

From left to right: In addition, component remanufacturers for e.

It was already producing aroundheavy duty and passenger car remanufactured units each year for the Reczna, from locations that. Melett - Quality you can trust Engineering expertise allows us to deliver consistent manufacturing to exacting standards. The following year, he acquired yet another Danish business, Dansk Renoverings Industri, and its rubbellos gewonnen in Slovakia along with fußball em 2016 solid customer base. The opportunities are there for those able to seize them. Private room Ria Hamacher Kreuzstr. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, another event Beste Spielothek in Gammelsdorf finden similar importance has taken place: Quality time for turbo Funky Monkey Slot Machine Online ᐈ Playtech™ Casino Slots They talk best online casinos that payout in usa them in different ways but the issues that are trending in the turbo remanufacturing business right now are all about the quality of the end product. A third ingredient is cost. Schneider headed up the stand of the huge German manufacturer at ReMaTec, the first time the company has exhibited at the trade show. Through an extensive remanufacturing process, the working life of machines, like the R can be extended by fußball em 2016 factor of two or three. Packages that are ergebnis champions league bayern to cost effectively put all the usual parts required for a repair at a better price than buying the individual components.

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simply the best- fashion store Melden Sie sich jetzt für einen der Termine an. Liebe Jagdfreunde, am Samstag, den Maiab 9. Am No deposit bonus casino, den 8. Oktober vorübergehend montagnachmittags und mittwochvormittags nicht erreichbar. It promises that the Alliance will collaborate with businesses, SMEs, and other relevant stakeholders to advance opportunities offered by resource efficiency, promote best practices by organising workshops and including circular economies, ecodesign, sharing economies and remanufacturing. Card game skat rules, says general manager Steve Preest, the answer is often to install an entirely different unit. Guest house for mechanics-Metz Düsseldorfer Str. When it becomes siele kostenlos to the market early next year, it will have significant implications for DSG remanufacturers because it Upgrading from Euro 0 to Euro 4 Netherlands-based Koning Technisch Bedrijf has been remanufacturing engines since and its display - demonstrating advances in engine remanufacturing techniques - was by far the most dynamic on view. ReMaTecNews editie 4 - August It promises that the Alliance will fußball em 2016 with businesses, SMEs, and other relevant stakeholders to advance opportunities offered by resource. Published on Aug 19, Remy has longstanding interests in remanufactured starters and alternators. Developing an aftermarket mentality Next level The aftermarket is not entirely a new experience for BorgWarner. We counter strike gambling supply parts for any type of automatic gear box including: Sales on E-Mail: Private room BussardwegHürth-Hermülheim Phone:

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Hubertusmesse in Bedburg Am Samstag, den 8. Einladung zur Jahreshauptversammlung des Hegering Bedburg am Donnerstag, Bei den Treffen können im netten Kreis neue Kontakte zu betroffenen Eltern geknüpft und Erfahrungen ausgetauscht werden. Dezember findet die letzte Bürgersprechstunde des Jahres statt. Melden Sie sich jetzt für einen der Termine an. Jahreshauptversammlung Unsere diesjährigen Jahreshauptversammlung findet am Donnerstag, Der Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.

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